Born of the Earth
Your Journal, Poetry and Meditations in Nature

by Shiila Safer

With the Earth in crisis, as she is now, it is especially important for each of us to find our deep connection with Nature once again. It is through this heart connection that change will occur. Born of the Earth will help you strengthen this vital connection with Mother Earth.

This unique book gives you the opportunity, not only to dig your roots down into the richness of the Earth, but also to express your creativity at the same time! Deep in the heart of Nature you can find your true voice. Use the guided meditations and poetry to take you deeper into yourself. Use the blank pages as a journal, to hold your spontaneous insight. Enjoy your renewed connection with Mother Earth!

Do You Hear Mother Earth's Whisperings?

As we grew up, most of us became separated from the mystery and magic of nature that spoke to us so loudly as children. Many of us feel disconnected from the Earth. When you use Born of the Earth, you'll embark upon a unique journey of reconnection. If you love nature and want to deepen your relationship to the Earth and the mysteries of the natural world, this is the book for you.

You will discover how to:

  • Feel more relaxed and grounded in your daily life
  • Trust the innate wisdom of your body-knowing
  • Experience the excitement of being fully alive – in this moment
  • Write playful, spontaneous poetry – yes, you!
  • Connect more deeply with the Earth, like you might have as a child
  • Make a direct contribution to healing the planet now

As you give yourself the gift of sitting under your favorite tree with this book, be soothed by the sounds, sensations, and images of nature. Feel yourself smile with delight as your body responds to the pull of the Earth. What will your journal entry be today?


"Shiila will gently make you reach inside, way inside and help you make sense of your basic impulses."

"Shiila's writing invites us to release the busyness of our lives and to playfully tap into a deeper well of wisdom. Born of the Earth overflows with the bounty of nature in its many exercises, poems, and pictures. Let these words and images be a guide and inspiration to weave you back into your innate wisdom, and to help you remember the bigger picture of your place on this beautiful planet."

"Take this delightful journey with Shiila Safer into the heart of nature and into your own deepest core. Free flight into the sky and the comfort of grounding into the the earth and all its abundant beauty is the gift you will receive from this exquisite book. Shiila's attunement with nature, with our innate urge for creative expression and need for wisdom from within illuminate every page. She knows the way. Through the activities and meditations in this book experience the truth: we are one with nature, we are her children."

About Shiila Safer

Shiila Safer, Creativity Coach, Artist, and Meditation Instructor, studied in-depth with art therapist and author, Dr. Lucia Capacchione, and is certified as a Creative Journal Expressive Arts Coach. She is currently being mentored by Dr. Will Taegel, author and Native American Shaman. Shiila helps people explore their identity through playful forms of creative expression, combining her understanding of psychology with a passion for art and a deep reverence for the Earth.